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It really is also well worth mentioning that StrongVPN offers GDPR safety to those people from the European Union. All in all, there is nothing alarming here.

It is really distinct that StrongVPN does gather some facts when you sign up, so this isn’t really a 100% nameless VPN company. Nonetheless, there is certainly no evidence that StrongVPN maliciously collects your facts or palms it over to third-functions. DNS Leak Take a look at.

Finally, we also want to make confident that your DNS is not leaking. In situation this transpires, this usually means that the web sites you pay a visit to can see your accurate id, which beats the function of using the VPN, in the 1st spot. As evident from the screenshot over, our DNS leak test is telling us that no leaks are developing. This suggests that 3rd-get-togethers on the World wide web will only see what StrongVPN allows them to use, which is your digital IP tackle – which are not able to be traced again to your ‘true’ spot.

The Way You Level

Speed and Effectiveness. StrongVPN slowed us down by all around forty six%. This is just not terribly negative for a VPN, but there are several possibilities out there giving substantially superior efficiency.

Ip address problem trials

Our Score: 5/10. Even the most effective stability-linked functions never mean a lot if you cannot rely on trusted efficiency. To check what varieties of performance you can count on from StrongVPN, we will do many checks.

So, let us get commenced by examining our baseline stats. Our baseline stats (devoid of the VPN). strongvpn download The graphic earlier mentioned demonstrates the speed of our Net link without having a VPN concerned. We managed to get 146.

We are now going to start StrongVPN, link to a number of secure servers and verify the VPN’s overall performance. The efficiency of a close by server (Romania, Europe). First, we’ve permitted the VPN to join us to the fastest server.

Soon after some calculations, we had been related to a server in Romania (which is a person of our neighboring countries). Right after running a pace examination, we acquired forty two. We have to say that these are fairly disappointing success so far. The effectiveness of a nearby server (United kingdom, Europe).

Then, we have tried using to choose a server manually and we went for a server in the Uk. Surprisingly, this 1 performed significantly much better, bringing 109. This tells us that StrongVPN’s algorithms for picking the greatest server are not working correctly, so you should normally go for deciding upon a server manually. The performance of a remote server (Usa). And last but not least, just like we do in our each VPN evaluate, we link to a server in the Usa.

These are commonly the most well-known servers, typically employed for media streaming. We received 85. Download Pace Upload Speed Pace Reduction Baseline Pace 146. % Close by Server two 109. 8%We can see that StrongVPN throttled our Website link by 46% on average.

This undoubtedly just isn’t the best outcome out there, as leading-rated VPNs retain the throttling up to close to fifteen%. Customer Aid. Even although StrongVPN provides quite a few strategies to get assistance, some channels are not as helpful as they could possibly be . Our Score: seven/ten. In times of disaster, you want responsible customer assistance channels. With this claimed, in this article are all the approaches that StrongVPN can assist you. Live-Chat Aid: When you take a look at StrongVPN’s site, you may see a reside-chat icon in the bottom appropriate corner. We have made use of this alternative a couple of situations, and a support agent managed to supply assist each time. There are no extensive queues either, so you really should get support in no time. Troubleshooting: When you happen to be owning technical problems with StrongVPN, you can rely on a series of troubleshooting guides. These cover different platforms and can be valuable at periods. Even so, they’re not as comprehensive as we hoped them to be. FAQ: Similar to the former kind of guidance, FAQs are listed here to remedy widespread concerns. When again, around thirty issues are currently on the listing, so almost nothing extremely remarkable listed here.

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